Business Mentoring

Members of the Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre team have been involved in various delivery models of business mentoring since 2006 (Alison is also a qualified mentor and mentor manager)and we are now pleased to launch our own ‘in house’ mentoring service.  This will be phased in from spring 2016 and will be available for application to anyone who has used the services of the Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre previously.

We are delighted that the funding for this to get underway has generously been provided by The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust.  We are working under the SFEDI (Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative) and IOEE (Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs) criteria to deliver a comprehensive service of 12 hours mentoring per business over a 1 year delivery timescale. The mentoring itself will be free of charge with just a very small registration fee of £20 to cover administration costs once accepted as a mentee.


What is a Business Mentor?

We all need a someone to discuss and sound out new ideas and business considerations and it can really be of benefit to do this with the help of a qualified business mentor.

A mentor can offer the following to you:

  • An introduction to new business skills and experience but does not provide business advice
  • Empowers the mentee in their decision making
  • Non judgmental, listens
  • Helps to evaluate business aspirations
  • Helps provide focus and setting of goals
  • Provides contacts and access to new networks


How to I register an application for a business mentor?

Training of mentors is currently underway and applications to use this service will open in the spring 2016. If you are already interested in registering then please do get in touch via our contact us page and we will send information as it becomes available.  More details of the service can be found here from Jan 2016 onwards.


I would like to offer my business skills and train as a Mentor – how do I do this?

We are seeking more people to step forwards as possible mentors.  There is a short training day to attend on the role of being a mentor along with support and help  from our mentor manager at Fresh Start Land Enterprise Centre. If you would like to find out more about training as a mentor then do get in touch with us and we can talk things through with you in more detail.