How to Register

If you are interested in registering for the Land Partnerships Service, then please read the following details before completing the registration form. You can of course email or call us if you would like to discuss anything further.

  • You can register your interest for free using the registration form.
  • Once we receive your registration form, it will be acknowledged and processed and someone from the FSLEC team will contact you in person to discuss your requirements and to see if the service can deliver what you are looking for.
  • When you are happy with the finer details you will be asked to sign a letter of engagement.
  • A fee of £50 is charged per opportunity being offered once that opportunity is ready to be placed either as an open advert or closed advert (see below).
  • Applicants once fully accepted on the main database will have their criteria run through the matching process on a weekly basis to see if there are any suitable opportunities. For this there is a one off £30 annual fee to be on the matching system. You can amend your details or requirements during that year for free.
  • For more details, see our Terms and Conditions and LPS Participation Agreement 2017.

If you only wish to receive general information on the service and not register in full then please go to our contact us page and complete it and tick the ‘matching’ box.

Open and Closed Adverts

When a matching opportunity is registered, the client with the business opportunity will select from one of following ways we can share the offer within the matching system:

Closed application: Client’s details are run through the matching database weekly but details are not circulated via any other outlets.

Open application: Client’s details are run through the matching database weekly as for a closed application, in addition to any one or all of the following marketing options as selected by the client:

  • External parties: Details of the opportunity on offer or being sought are actively circulated to chosen industry advisory partners including the Young Farmers, CLA and RICS who are instructed to circulate to their contacts as they see appropriate.
  • Web adverts and social media promotion: Details of the opportunity on offer or being sought are posted on FSLEC’s website and circulated via various social media forums.
  • Farming press and other third parties: Details of the opportunity on offer or being sought are advertised in farming press, other press or third parties as selected by FSLEC.

Follow this link for full terms and conditions.

Confidentiality and trust for all our clients is absolutely paramount and all clients will be given an unique ID reference number. This will only ever be shown or quoted until much further in the matching process and then details only shared with the parties involved with their full permission.

What happens if there is a ‘match’?

Once a potential match is established, FSLEC will contact you and the next phase of the service will come into play which will help to organise more details transferring between the interested parties with a potential when both sides are ready to meet in person. FSLEC will be there throughout this process to help and facilitate this. We will be helping you to consider the questions you need to ask and the essential information you should be looking for.

We can potentially offer one of our team or an agreed third party to facilitate the first meeting in person, but there will be an additional charge to cover costs for this.

Additional Service Offered

We will also be running additional training days which will complement the service. These will include:

  • Our Land Partnership Workshops – of different levels
  • The nuts and bolts of share farming
  • Tax, legal and accounting considerations for joint ventures
  • Which legal business structure should I choose

Clients already actively enrolled on the service will be offered discounted rates
on these training days.


We are currently bringing together a range of industry mentors to back up and support this project. The offer of a mentor will only be available to those fully registered on the scheme and meeting base criteria. Up to 12 hours free mentoring will be available.

What we don’t provide with the service

As a pilot service we do have a few limitations to what we can offer:

  • When it comes to actually defining and writing your agreements this will be down to the individual parties involved and the professionals you choose to help you.
  • After any initial meetings between parties, FSLEC will keep in contact with you to help develop the ‘match’ if it is looking promising but it will be up to the individuals to progress with further meetings. We can of course offer additional support and sign posting to other organisations and professionals where required.